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“Why Lean?” Before we start clamouring for the tools, let’s understand how Lean represents a paradigm shift in our thinking about how to deliver the built environment—not just design or construction but the cradle to grave delivery of buildings and facilities and infrastructure that mark our progress and achievements in the world. In this webinar, Dick Bayer (first executive director of the Lean Construction Institute), explores the questions that prompted answers that involved lean construction and how its basis and implementation were designed to address the inadequacy of the way we deliver our facilities.

Lean Construction has shown steady growth since the founding of the Lean Construction Institute in 1998. Membership in LCI has almost doubled since 2014 and the marketplace has certainly supported its rise. People are asking for Last Planner™ and Target Value Design along with a desire to understand the collaborative concepts behind Target Value Delivery. By understanding the fundamental reasons why more and more companies are adopting Lean and knowing the root problems that Lean is addressing in the construction industry, you can improve the speed and effectiveness of your Lean application.

In this webinar, we will cover several topics including:

  • What's behind the movement?
  • The systemic problems that Lean Construction is trying to solve
  • The current construction paradigm
  • How to shift towards a Lean Project Delivery paradigm
  • Why should you adopt Lean practices on your projects

Dick Bayer the first Executive Director of the Lean Construction Institute (LCI USA)
Dick Bayer is the first Executive Director of the Lean Construction Institute and an early pioneer in collaborative consulting present a webinar that takes us back to the roots: Dick Bayer is the Chairman of the ReAlignment Group, Ltd., President of the ReAlignment Group Canada, Ltd. and an Adjunct Professor at the Burns School of Real Estate and Construction Management within the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver. He is currently living in Ottawa working as the IPD/Lean Design and Construction Adviser for the Centre Block Rehabilitation Project, a proposed 12-year project to improve and renovate the Centre Block of the Canadian Parliament building campus.

Earn AGC-CM Lean Continuation Education Credits
AGC recognizes this webinar as quality Lean Construction content and it qualifies for 1.5 hours of AGC CE credit. All attendees can forward the receipt of the webinar to AGC and have the webinar count towards renewing their CM-Lean certificate.