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What is pull planning? Why do some teams succeed in harnessing the potential of their team and others merely scratch the surface? What are some hard and fast rules for conducting a successful session and what things can you improvise to suit your specific project and team’s needs?

The Last Planner System is just that, a system, with different elements, that when performed together properly create a reliable workflow on any project. One of those elements is often mistakenly discussed as being synonymous with the entire system itself: Pull Planning. Pull planning is a highly visual and collaborative approach to planning that can operate on different levels of detail. Do you need to get a better idea of the major moving pieces of a new project? Gather the right players and perform a Milestone Pull Plan. Do you need to sequence the next few months of work to hash out all those critical handoffs between different players? Gather those responsible for performing the work and perform a Phase Pull Plan. 

As its name implies, the planning is performed by beginning from the end and thinking, or pulling backward. This is opposed to regular planning which usually starts at the beginning and pushes to the end. Starting from the end can be difficult, but difficult is good because that is the feeling of breaking out of old patterns of thinking, the patterns where we tend to repeat the same old mistakes we’ve always made.


Dan Fauchier - The Realignment Group
Dan Fauchier is a Certified Master Facilitator for Lean Design and Construction, facilitating, training and coaching dozens of companies and agencies in various principles, tools and techniques. He is also the co-author of a new book, Lean Project Delivery: Building Championship Project Teams.

Andy Fulton - The Realignment Group
Since joining The Realignment Group, Andy Fulton has coached dozens of different project teams in the Last Planner® System in design and construction, and helps project teams to understand and use Lean tools such as Root Cause Analysis, A3 Thinking and Decision Making, Value Stream Mapping, and Rapid Improvement (Kaizen) Events.

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AGC recognizes this webinar as quality Lean Construction content and it qualifies for 1.5 hours of AGC CE credit. All attendees can forward the receipt of the webinar to AGC and have the webinar count towards renewing their CM-Lean certificate.