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Many implementations of Last Planner® System on projects striving to implement lean construction still fail to achieve even a fraction of the gains we have seen on projects some would consider ‘best in class’ from a lean perspective. Part of the challenge is that LPS is being incorporated into more traditionally subcontracted projects, thereby missing the cooperative benefits we would expect from an IPD agreement; however, another contributing factor is our approach to the actual production management aspect – or rather production control as is still the more common approach.

In addition, many teams begin their LPS journey with phase pull planning, as it is the most visible and often first element of LPS that is taught. While there is no denying the benefit of collaboratively developing a phase plan using pull mechanisms, the planning conversations that are happening and the resultant visibility of the plan, it is highly likely that the plan will still be inaccurate when we get more than a few weeks out in the future.

Because we often have such limited time availability from the last planners (often 1 hour a week and 15 minutes a day is considered a burden), the planning capacity of our team is often exhausted and the elements that should be leading us to high gains – constraint identification and removal, truly improved weekly work plan reliability and a continuous improvement effort to increase real productivity in the field.

In this webinar, we will take a look at the importance of production management and productivity improvement aspects, especially in the tight labor markets we are experiencing most everywhere, and how our approach to LPS can have a more positive impact. We will also examine the roles and responsibilities of the various parties to the project to ensure the last planners are being set up for success.


Christian Pikel - The ReAlignment Group
Christian Pikel, managing principal and lead coach for The ReAlignment Group, Ltd., brings a unique insight and novel approach to lean/IPD coaching for teams and organizations. His ability to coach, teach and facilitate is defined by a diverse career spanning two decades in the design and construction industry as design/build trade manager, preconstruction and project developer/consultant and then owner for a major healthcare network.  This is coupled with Christian’s nine years of experience as a student and practitioner of lean construction and engagement with over 30 IPD projects in roles of collaborator, leader, and coach.  Christian is an LCI Improved instructor and CoreClarity™ Certified Facilitator. 

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