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Webinar Recording - Individual Viewing

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How do project teams manage all the aspects of the Lean system and culture to achieve reliability in cost, schedule, and value performance?

Attend this webinar to learn the answer, along with practical recommendations on how to quickstart your Lean journey. Your instructor – Sam Spata, AIA – brings an executive architect’s perspective to Lean project delivery. Using his unique framework, The Lean Progression ©, you will learn the interplay of the Lean system, culture, and results. Organized on 5 levels, The Lean Progression © integrates Lean theory, vision, processes, tools, and habits.

At the heart of the progression are the processes driving Lean project delivery, each satisfying a basic need for project success:

              Lean Process - Project Need

  • Conditions of Satisfaction - Goal Setting
  • Last Planner System ™ - Scheduling
  • Target Value Delivery - Budgeting
  • Set-Based Design - Problem Solving
  • Choosing By Advantages - Decision Making

These processes are strategic methods; correctly used, any one of them will improve project results. Used altogether, their combined effects will lift your project delivery capability to a new benchmark. Your Lean Journey will be a perpetual discovery of greater reliability in cost, schedule, and value performance – but only if you deliver results that matter. Learn how to adapt The Lean Progression to your organization by defining a ‘cutting edge’ that quickstarts your journey toward a Lean project delivery model that delights clients, engages staff, and improves your bottom line.


Sam Spata - Method Lean
Sam Spata is an architect with 25 years of executive experience as a client advisor and practice leader for capital project delivery. His international experience includes a range of delivery modes, from Novation to P3.

Sam is the Owner and Principal of Method Lean, an independent Lean consultancy. He is an Approved Instructor with the Lean Construction Institute and an approved CES provider with the American Institute of Architects. To accelerate Lean learning and implementation, Sam Spata developed The Lean Progression ©.

Spata is a repeat lecturer at Columbia University, where he has recorded a number of Lean lectures for an international audience.

Earn AGC-CM Lean Continuation Education Credits
AGC recognizes this webinar as quality Lean Construction content and it qualifies for 1.5 hours of AGC CE credit. All attendees can forward the receipt of the webinar to AGC and have the webinar count towards renewing their CM-Lean certificate.