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Lean Construction (LC) is becoming more popular worldwide as the architect, engineering, and construction industry aims to improve productivity and reduce cost. As more and more companies start their lean journey, the one question that arises is how advance is your lean journey relative to their peers and relative to what is possible. The Lean Maturity model was developed through scientific research of Lean Construction organizations. The aim of this model is to help you understand how far you are along your lean journey. Different Lean tools and processes are more effective at different stages of your lean maturity. By understanding the lean maturity model and where your organization's lean journey lies along with it, you can maximize the benefits of your lean implementation. This model also gives you a roadmap and a vision of where your lean journey can be.


Claus Nesensohn - REFINE PROJECTS AG
Dr. Claus Nesensohn is a Lean Construction and Design consultant, coach and author who along with Bülent Yildiz founded REFINE PROJECTS AG (with national and international clients). His Ph.D. was completed at Liverpool John Moores University, on “A framework for assessing organizational Lean Construction Maturity” while working as a Lean and BIM consultant in Project Five in the UK. To promote teaching and research within the topic of Lean and Maturity Models, he was honored a visiting Research fellow position since 2015 at the Liverpool John Moores University. His approach is to coach teams and organizations into a new world of design and construction through supporting various Communities of Practice in Germany, speaking at events around Lean, and focusing on aspects of Lean construction and maturity models by publishing papers. Refine Projects AG is one of the early members of the German Lean Construction Institute.

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