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Webinar Recording - Individual Viewing

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Takt Time Planning is a powerful Lean Construction method for production planning and control. Using Takt Time, construction teams are able to more efficiently plan their work and execute it. Teams that applied Takt Time have been able to significantly reduce the project duration while increasing the quality of the finished work. Furthermore, they were able to more accurately forecast schedule and labor demands leading to more efficient labor utilization and labor productivity. This webinar will present Takt Time Planning for beginners. The goal of this webinar is to present:

  1. What is Takt Time Planning?
  2. How does Takt Time Planning Work?
  3. How to get started with Takt Time Planning?
  4. Results from a Case Study that applied Takt Time for the first time

This webinar is geared towards construction professionals (particularly contractors) who have been applying Lean Construction methods such as the Last Planner System. Takt is often used with the LPS to improve the reliability of the work on-site. No knowledge of Takt Time is needed and we will present a case study of a team that applied Takt Time for the very first time. This will give you the knowledge, understanding, and confidence to apply this concept on your own project.


Bruce Cousins, Managing Partner of Sword Integrated Building Solutions

Bruce C. Cousins is a registered Architect with over forty years’ experience both designing and building great projects. He has established and directed BIM - Virtual Design and Lean Construction for Architects, Engineers and several top 100 general contractors. His specialty is Lean Design Management, coaching and mentoring high performance project teams using a collaborative project approach from project validation through design development and construction.


Earn AGC-CM Lean Continuation Education Credits.
AGC recognizes this webinar as quality Lean Construction content and it qualifies for 1.5 hours of AGC CE credit. All attendees can forward the receipt of the webinar to AGC and have the webinar count towards renewing their CM-Lean certificate.